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Glowing Skin for Your Big Day!

Glowing Skin for Your Big Day!

We all know planning a wedding can be super stressful and in return can wreak havoc on our beautiful skin. The last thing you want are breakouts! Here are some ways to care for your skin as you prepare for your big day!
Glowing Skin for Your Big Day!
Hello Brides!!
How many of you want healthy and glowing skin for your big day?  I imagine the answer would simply be – everyone! Every bride wants to look absolutely stunning on the most important day of her life.
The stress of a wedding can really create some unwanted skin issues, not to mention our busy schedules, pollution and sun damage.

So, in order to get your skin glowing, it’s time to  follow a special skin care regimen for that flawless skin. Believe me there is no secret magic potion behind all those lovely brides with gorgeous skin. They probably started their skin care regimen months before the actual big day.

Tips for the Bride who wants to look like a Million Dollars...

First- Always be sure to wash your face morning and night!

Drink lots of water!!! It clears the toxins and keeps the skin supple and hydrated. So, try to drink at least 1-2 liters a day! While increasing  your water intake,  stick to clean foods that have higher water content like salads. This will keep your skin properly hydrated and reduce the likelihood of any breakouts.

Eat healthy! What you eat is what you are! Includes lots of fresh fruit, nuts and vegetables in your diet. Minimize the intake of SALT (especially the day before your wedding), sugar and processed/junk food.

Say NO to coffee. Instead, drink coconut water or green tea….

Exercise …. Exercise flushes out toxins and keeps the skin glowing.

Sleep well .. None of these tips will work if you are not sleeping well. You need your Beauty Sleep…

De-stress…Keep stress at bay if you want that beautiful skin. This is why it is always a good idea to hiring a “Wedding Planner”… You the bride will be spared the stress!!

Remember, teeth whitener can brighten your smile. A vibrant smile enhances your beauty and adds a warm glow to your face.

Get facials!!!! Pamper yourself at a spa and get a facial by a professional...

Facials are a common special indulgence many brides treat themselves before their big day. A facial is the perfect way to get your skin prepped and glowing before your wedding.

The key to glowing skin – Exfoliation!!!  Some people don’t realize how many layers of dead skin is just sitting there giving your skin a dull look. No matter how many creams you apply, it can’t absorb into your skin without exfoliating it first. It is a very important part of your skin regimen and it will make  your skin smoother and softer, and can help skin treatments work better. Not to mention, your makeup will love your new skin!

Another popular treatment is dermaplaning. What is dermaplaning you ask? Dermaplaning is a delicate skin resurfacing procedure customized to your skin concerns. During this in-office procedure, a specialized instrument is utilized to gently and effectively remove the superficial epidermal layer of dead skin cells. Additionally villous hair (“peachfuzz”) and surface impurities are gently removed, giving your skin a beautiful glow.

Estheticians I highly recommend...
6 Months prior to the wedding should be the time you go in for your first facial.
You should avoid having any aggressive facial just before the wedding day. Depending on your skin type, it could take weeks for the redness to completely subside. So see someone at least 6 months out and she can help you with a regimen for your skin type to prepare for your wedding day!
I have been getting facials since I was 24 years old. Today I am 60. I was actually a bridesmaid when I got my first facial.

So let me share with you 2 amazing women  who have been estheticians for many years and  who are experts in skin care.  I have personally used them for many years.

I would highly recommend them to the whole wedding party….

You will look radiant and your skin will thank you…

Skin Care Classics by Yelena – Yelena – 913-302-0672 (Plaza Area) 

Elite Skincare – Liz O’Boyle – 913-706-6488 (Leawood, KS Area)