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Remembering Loved Ones….

Remembering Loved Ones….

The ones we love most aren’t always able to be there with us to celebrate life’s milestones.  You want to include them thoughtfully and tastefully; yet you don't want to cloud one of the happiest days of your life, or worse set you off crying and ruin your makeup.  I found a few creative ways to honor a special memory and and acknowledge these special people on your wedding day! Whether your way of remembering a loved one involves something as simple as a sweet photo of them or have them placed through out the entire ceremony and reception, know they are always in your heart and want you to be happy on your special wedding day.     
Remembering Loved Ones….
"Those we Love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday....

Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed, and very dear.”

The Ceremony

After you walk down the aisle and before the ceremony readings, have the officiant welcome and thank everyone for joining you on such a joyous day. Along with this welcome include a moment of silence for the loved ones who are unable to be with you today. You can also light a candle during the service in memory of all those who are there in spirit.

Special Seating

You can also reserve a seat at your ceremony with a name card or photograph.

Beautiful Reminder

Wear a reminder, such as jewelry, a brooch, or a handkerchief. You could even have a part of their clothes sewn into your wedding gown, or wear a piece of their wedding attire like your grandmother’s veil.

Sweet Bouquet

 Incorporate their favorite flower in your bouquet, your groom’s boutonniere, or your floral arrangements. If they didn’t have a favorite flower, you can also use their favorite color in your wedding flowers for more options or use a locket with their photo attached to your bouquet.


Dedicated Song

Play their favorite song before the ceremony or during the reception. Include a dedication with the song title in your program.


Meaningful Decor

Display their picture on a photo table with a short description of who they were and what they taught you about love. Including their own wedding photos adds a special touch.

Ideal Toast

Toast in their memory at your reception, or take a moment of silence in their honor.