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Sharing Personal Wedding Vows

Sharing Personal Wedding Vows

I Love Personal Wedding Vows! It is so intimate and a very romantic moment. It is also the perfect place to express your feelings towards the one you are about to share your life with. But before you do, make sure your officiant is okay with personalized wedding vows. Some religions require that you use the traditional wording, while others will allow you to write your own and/or add it into the ceremony. Writing your vows can be harder that it seems and very overwhelming but so worth it as you share your sweet love story with family & friends.  
Sharing Personal Wedding Vows
As you begin to write....

Find a quiet place to reflect your feelings and write from the heart. Here are just a few things you might ask yourself…

What does marriage mean to you?
When did you know that you were in love & know that this person was the one you wanted to share the rest of your life with?
What is the most important thing you want to promise to your partner?
What is your most cherished memory of your partner?
What is the greatest quality about the person you are going to marry?

And don't forget to Practice... Practice makes perfect!
Remember vows are a speech and requires moments of pause and a time to breath. You will want to allow time to laugh and cry without interrupting your flow. You don’t want to rush through your vows, so take it slow, focus on the breaks, pauses and intonations.