Advice from a Kansas City Bride

April 7, 2022

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From the bride:

My advice for couples is to still take time to be a ‘couple’ during their planning process. Take that extra day on a weekend and go do something fun and get away from all the planning. Join a gym together to get “wedding ready” if that is your goal so that you can see each other and motivate one another there. There will ALWAYS be hiccups in the planning process that you do not expect, and a ton more work goes into your wedding day than you can ever imagine, so ensuring you still take the time to be yourselves aside from just being a ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ is my number one advice. It really helps you to enjoy the process more!! The only other critical piece of advice is to plan ahead. Even with an 18 month engagement, so many things truly only get done in those last few months and weeks leading to the big day. Plan to have extra time in your schedule, and know that you may just need some extra wine during that time too! Take a step back, and appreciate the big picture that you and your significant other are getting married! If you trust your vendors who you have so carefully chosen, the day turns out perfectly.