The Perfect Kansas City Wedding Venue

June 18, 2022

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We are a family owned and operated venue that was meticulously drafted, and designed to host the perfect fairytale wedding. 

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Now that you’re engaged (Congratulations!), it’s time to figure out where you want to take the next big step in your relationship. YES, we’re talking settings for your “I dos,” Finding the perfect venue for your special event is no easy task, and there are a lot of factors to consider. The venue’s price, available dates, location, parking availability, accommodations for your guests… the list of things to think about can go on and on!

The good news is that if you are hosting an office party, holiday party, baby shower, family reunion, or other special event, there’s no need to stress — The English Barn has broken it down for you to help make choosing an event venue simple!

Here are the most important things to think about when choosing a venue, or private event space for your special event

The Cost of the Venue

For most, price is going to be a factor when choosing an event space. Whether you are planning a family reunion, hosting a birthday party, or celebrating the holidays with your coworkers, you expect and deserve good value for every dollar you spend.

When making a budget, it’s important to be realistic. Do your research on the price of local venues to get an idea of how much you should dedicate to the venue, then allocate the rest of the money to other efforts. And once your budget is set, stick to it!

Guest Count

The number of guests you’re inviting to your event could play a huge role in which venue option you choose. Remember the capacity of guest is a seating number and does not include tables. You will need to take into account, tables, size of tables, dance floor, DJ or band area, and look at room layout. You will need to ask your venue what their max capacity is with all you want included and if that makes sense for the event you’re hosting.

Party Planners

The English Barn offers designing, planning and coordinating services. Even if you are experienced in planning events, having a professional event planner available that is a huge bonus. Planning a wedding is a big job, whether an intimate backyard soiree or a grand ballroom affair – there are still boxes to check and bows to tie. The English Barn is focused on creating a remarkable wedding that both you and your loved ones will remember – one that is filled with pure joy, as you take in every dance, speech and special moment – without a worry. Best Planning Advice? Hire Professionals.


Chances are most of the guests at your baby shower, holiday party, office party, and other private events will be arriving by car, so the event venue you choose will need plenty of parking to accommodate their vehicles.

Ample parking is often underappreciated but is a very important part of choosing the perfect private event venue. A safe and well-lit parking lot is essential for nighttime events, while a good number of accessible spots will be very important for a banquet center accommodating a large number of guests.


If you have guests coming in from out of town, it is important to look for an event venue with overnight accommodations nearby, especially for parties and corporate events where guests are coming in from many different parts of the country.

Choosing a venue that is close to hotels is a big plus. For those out-of-town guests, the ability to stay overnight in comfort could be a crucial deciding factor if they can attend the event. The English Barn is only 10 minutes from several hotel locations in Overland Park, Kansas that are both conveniently located, making it easier for guests to stay overnight if needed!

Availability of Preferred Dates

You need to know your event or wedding date before you start contacting venues so you can immediately find out whether your top choices are available when you need them to be. The exception to this is if you are willing to pick a wedding date based on your dream venue’s availability.

Many venues book out a year or more in advance, so securing your date right away allows you to begin planning your event as soon as possible and locking in all your favorite vendors.

And if this is a wedding event don’t forget to let guests know once you pick a date. Sending out SAVE THE DATES is the best way to guarantee guests have enough lead time to block off a day or an entire weekend.